What is Eye surgery?

Eye plastic surgery is divided into two types: double eyelid surgery, which makes the eyes larger and clearer, and anti-aging surgery. In order to complete beautiful eyes and maximize the effect, double eyelid surgery, ptosis correction, canthoplasty and transconjunctival fat repositioning can be performed together as needed. Anti-aging eye surgery includes endoscopic forehead lift, subbrow lift, upper blepheroplasty, and lower blepheroplasty(undereye bag correction).

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Summary of the Double Eyelid Surgery

  • Operation time

    40 minutes to an hour

  • Admission

    No admission

  • No. of visit


  • Anesthesia

    IV sedation + Local anesthesia

  • Suture removal

    5th~7th day

  • Recovery time (period of stay)

    5-8 days

What is Double Eyelid Surgery?

Double eyelid surgery is divided into two types: incision and non-incision, and it is a surgery that creates a line on the eyelid throughadhesions.Double eyelid lines can be divided into in-line, in-outline, semi-outline, and outline.Other surgeries can be performed concurrently depending on the desired eye shape, and ptosis correction is performed based on each individual's ability to open their eyes.





Surgical Method

Non-incision double eyelid surgery (natural adhesion)

An adhesion line is made by tying together tissues and muscles under the skin with threads inserted through 5 to 12 tiny holes. Thesetiny holes enable us to create natural-looking eyes without having to worry about visible scarring. Braun's non-incision double eyelid method binds the eyelids with a thread while also creating skin adhesion, resulting in a natural but more stable and long-lasting result.

Ideal candidates for surgery: Teens~20’s, thin eyelids that do not droop


Design a line that is the right height and shape for the face.


Remove excess fat from fine incision holes above the eyes to induce natural adhesion between the skin andlevator muscles.


Use a thread to connect the inner and outer parts of the eyelid.


Natural-looking eyes with no scarring are complete!

Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

Fine incisions on the desired double eyelid line can be used to create wider and more stable adhesions, which will lead to stunning and long-lasting results.Braun's incisional double eyelid surgery can produce a beautiful, natural-looking double eyelid creasethrough small incisions without the need for extra skin removal that might leave scars.
Incisional double eyelid surgery is additionally performed when a complex procedure is necessary, such as the redistribution of eyelid fat to improvethe appearance of sunken eyes caused by lack of fat above the eyes.

Ideal candidates for surgery:thick skin, droopy eyes, excess eyelid fat, revision surgery


Design a crease that is the right height and shape for the face.


After the incision, any necessary muscle and fat is removed.


Use a thread to connect the inner and outer parts of the eyelid.


Clear and defined eyes are created

Types of Creases for Double Eyelids

The shape of your eye determines the shape of your double eyelid, and you can choose the desired crease line.





What happens during a double eyelid surgery at Braun Plastic Surgery

  • 01

    Consultation:The doctor examines the patient's skin and plans the best surgical method based on the patient's desired eye shape.Creases of various heights are shown to patients during consultations to help them precisely identify the desired double eyelid shape for easier decision-making.

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  • 02

    We will go over your desired eye shape one last time before the surgery.

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  • 03

    Your eyes are marked by the surgeon in the operating room to finalize the eyelid design.

Recovery Process


Surgeries that go well together:Endoscopic forehead lifting that simultaneously improves eye shape, forehead wrinkles, and even the droopy eyelids.

What is an Endoscopic forehead lift?

If the distance between the eyes and the brows is narrow, the upper part of the eyes appears thick or crowded. As we age, the forehead loses elasticity and sags, naturally producing forehead wrinkles as well as wrinkles around the eyebrows, eyelids, brows, and eyes.
At this point, a tiny incision is made on the side of the hairline, and the forehead is then dissected and pulled. Thisprocedure can reduce ageing and sagging in theupper portion of the face.Even when an endoscopic forehead lift is performed alone or in conjunction with double eyelid surgery, a softer appearance and a younger face can still be achieved.


Make 3 to 5 small incisions inside the hairline so that no scars are visible.


The FULL HD endoscope will be used to confirm the position of the nerves and blood vessels before gently dissects the sagging forehead.


Place the endotinein the deep fascia or the skull, pull the drooping forehead, and secure it.


By improving the wrinkles between the brows, around the eyes, and on the eyelids, a youthful result can be achieved.

Candidates for Endoscopic forehead lift

Cheak 01
If you have sagginess in both forehead and brow.
Cheak 02
If you have severe wrinkles on forehead, glabellas and around the eyes.
Cheak 03
If you have sagging on the brows and eyelid due to the aging.
Cheak 04
If you want to improve saggy eyelid without changing the eyelid shape.



Although it always depends on the individual, normal daily activities can be resumed three to four days after surgery, and recovery proceeds much more quickly once the stitches have been removed. You will fully recover in about a month. 

The likelihood of surgery failing is low if the right surgical technique is used while taking the patient's physical characteristics into account. An incision method is advised, though, if the skin is thick and there is a lot of fat underneath. 

Water should not come into contact with the eyes after surgery until the stitches are removed. After the stitches have been removed, you can wash your face gently and apply makeup. 

Double eyelid surgery is typically possible after the age of 15, but in some circumstances, if excessive manipulation or invasive surgery is necessary, it is advised to wait until the patient is 19 years old, when growth is fully finished, to have the procedure. 

Once the anesthesia wears off, there might be some pain, but it is more discomfort than pain. The medication provided by the clinic should help with the pain. 

Revision surgery is usually allowed but it is advised to plan for a second operation after about 6 months of evaluating the results of the first surgery. 


Publication in World-Renowned Plastic Surgery Journal



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*Complications such as bleeding, infection or inflammation may occur following the surgery, and individual satisfaction may differ: please consult with your surgeon.
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