Breast Surgery

Aside from cosmetic result, breast surgery plays an important role in completing a beautiful body. If you are not satisfied with your current breast size or shape, or if your breast shape has become deformed as a result of childbirth, disease, or trauma, you may want to consider cosmetic breast surgery.

Breast surgery can be divided into two types:breast augmentation, in which the shape and size of the breast are adjusted by inserting implants or fat transfer, and breast reduction & lift surgery, in which the breast is reduced, lifted, and reshaped.

Braun doctors are a board-certified plastic surgeons in Seoul, South Korea. They are skilled and experienced doctor with good reputation in Korea.

Summary of the Breast Augmentation

  • Operation time

    2 hours

  • Admission

    No admission

  • No. of visits

    Around 2 visits

  • Anesthesia

    General anesthesia

  • Suture removal

    7th~10th day

  • Recovery time (period of stay)

    7~10 days

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to increase the breast size, which can be from the placement of an implant, or less commonly through fat transfer. It is important to plan surgery after accurately diagnosing individual physical characteristics such as the location and size of both breasts, the shape of chest, the location of nipples and creases under the breast (inframammary fold), and the degree of skin thickness and mammary gland development.

Braun's breast augmentation is more than just cosmetic, so the surgery is planned after meticulously understanding how the breasts function. It is especially important to carefully consider various options for breast augmentation, such as implant selection, incision site, and the location where the implant will be inserted.

Breast Augmentation Incision Method

01 Transaxillary (Armpit incision)
It is a technique for implant placement that involves making a 3 to 4 cm incision in the armpit crease. The incision scar is barely visible and there is less risk of infection or side effects such as loss of nipple sensation. It is especially recommended for women before childbirth because it preserves mammary glands and does not affect the lactiferous duct.
02 Periareolar (Areolar incision)
It is a method of inserting an implant by incising the line beneath the areola, which has a dark skin color. This incision results in minimal pain and the scars won’t be noticeably visible. The route for inserting the implant is short, making it easy to secure the field of view while also correcting sagging breasts. However, if the areola is small and the patients plan to breastfeed, this method is not suitable.
03 Inframammary (Incision below the breast)
A 3 to 4 cm incision along the crease line under the breast is made, resulting in less pain and bleeding and a quicker recovery. The good results are to be expected because the field of vision is easily secured during surgery, so this incision is commonly used for revision breast surgery. The scar is concealed by breast tissues in stand position. Nowadays, it is the most preferred incision method.

Recovery Process


Implant Incision Sites

Checklist Before Undergoing Breast Augmentation

Before surgery, carefully select the size and shape of your breasts that is suitable for you.

Breasts must be evaluated from a variety of angles, including size, shape, symmetry, degree of sagging, width, and movement.You must know the overall shape of your breasts, whether or not there is sagging, and whether or not there is a lack of volume.

  • Cheak 01
    If the breasts are sagging, it is recommended that a breast lift (mastopexy) be performed at the same time.
  • Cheak 02
    If the breasts lack volume, an implant of the appropriate size should be chosen to fill the gap.
  • Cheak 03
    If the breasts are sagging and lack volume, it is necessary to improve both simultaneously in order to create a beautiful breast shape.
  • Analyzing your thoracic shape accurately and selecting the best surgical method

    Each person has a unique chest shape, and the shape of the chest has a significant impact on the outcomes of breast surgery. As a result, rather than blindly followingtrends, it is possible to achieve successful surgical results by carefully analyzing the shape of the thorax.

  • Cheak 01
    Average shape of the thorax has a smooth cylindrical shape that is centered on the sternum in the middle of the chest, with no bony protrusions.
  • Cheak 02
    Pigeon Chest :The sternum in the middle of the chest protrudes significantly more than the ribs on both sides bird breasts, making it difficult to bring the breast bones together.
  • Cheak 03
    A hollow chest is characterized by a depressed sternum in the middle of the chest in comparison to the ribs on both sides. The breastbones can come together, but it maylook unnatural.
  • Cheak 03
    If there is an asymmetry of the thorax, an appropriate implant should be selected to compensate for this during breast augmentation surgery.
  • Different Types of Breast Implants


    It is a premium implant that, through ergonomic manufacturing and design, embodies the natural shape and form of an implant, and even feels and moves like real, natural breasts.Recommended for those who value soft, naturaltexture and movement.

    a. Forms a round breast shape that naturally spreads even when lying down.

    b. Natural breast shape similar to real breast tissue using gel with high viscosity and elasticity

    c. Motiva's unique blue seal, which can check the safety status of the product, minimizes the spread of the gel to other parts of the body.

    d. A unique identification device (UDI) can be inserted in the body to check breast implant information to ensure patient safety (optional).

    Motiva would be recommended in the following cases:

    - Those who prefer a soft texture

    - Those who want natural movement of the breast


    These implants are manufactured in a variety of sizes and textures to accommodate the size and condition of the breasts of women of various body types.It provides a design that reflects each person's different tastes through precision charging technology.

    a. Ideal volume and asymmetry correction for each individual body shape

    b. The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has approved the implant for the safety of both the inner silicone and the outer shell.

    c. Precision filling technology allows you to adjust the amount of silicone gel in the implant to suit the size of each breast.

    d. Avoiding the “dimple” symptom where the upper area gets sunken and the texture and the shape is very natural.


    The elasticity of the inner gel and the human body-friendly outer skin allow for natural touch and volume.It has 30 years of innovation and excellent safety due to a safe 8-layer outer shell that is 40% thicker than the international standard.

    a. 4 types of different implants considering the different types of female body

    b. Strong integrated ‘Shell’ and ‘Gel’ reduces the risk of filler leakage in case of implant rupture

    c. Upgraded from existing micro-textured prostheses for natural feel and movement

    d. Implants with the least amount of side effects, such as capsular contracture and rupturing, as revealed by 10 years of clinical research

    What Distinguishes Braun's breast Augmentation from Other Types of Breast Surgery?

    From preoperative breast examination, postoperative care system, and special implant examination, we provide not only external beauty but also safe treatment based on years of experience.

    Braun's breast augmentation surgery includes a 1:1 personalized breast augmentation and aftercare system that takes responsibility for beautiful and healthy breasts from external beauty to safety, allowing you to maintain beautiful breasts with peace of mind for the rest of your life.

    • 체크아이콘 Minimal bleeding and pain-It reduces side effects like pain, bleeding, and capsular contracture by precisely dissecting blood vessels and skin tissues with HD advanced endoscopy.
    • 체크아이콘 Safe implant placement-Micro incisions are possible when using two aseptically treated Kellerfunnel for single use, allowing for safe implant insertion while minimizing tissue damage.
    • 체크아이콘 Scars are minimal due to the minimal incision and surgical method used depending on the individual.
    • 체크아이콘 Because of the quick operation time and minimal swelling or bruising, patients recover quickly, reducing their burden.



    - Surgical drains are not used unless there is a high risk of bleeding.The surgical drain, on the other hand, allows blood to escape in the event of unexpected and continuous bleeding, and it can be considered a safety device that prevents capsular contracture and lowers the likelihood of revision surgery.The blood bag may or may not be worn depending on the patient's surgical progress and condition, such as the amount of bleeding. 

    Departure and boarding are possible from the 2nd day after surgery after checking for bleeding and wounds. You can choose the length of your stay in Korea by keeping in mind that all treatments and removal of stitches will take between 10 and 14 days. 

    - Breast augmentation surgery does not directly affect pregnancy, childbirth, or lactation.Submuscular or dual plane incisions will not affect mammary gland tissue if the surgery is performed with precision and care, and implant insertion is also performed safely. 

    - The pain varies from patient to patient and method of surgery, but it is common for the pain to last for 1-2 days and to gradually diminish over time. 

    - Daily activities can be resumed 2 days after the surgery. 

    - Scars differ depending on the surgical method used and the patient's skin condition.However, scar care is now done in conjunction with surgery, so it is no longer visible. 


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      Presentation by Chief Dr. Lee Ji-Won on the subject of "The indication of MACS lift after facial bone contouring surgery."

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    *Complications such as bleeding, infection or inflammation may occur following the surgery, and individual satisfaction may differ: please consult with your surgeon.
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